Ordinances and Resolutions-Leesport Borough, PA

Ordinances and Resolutions

ORD 241:  Illegal Parking
ORD 302: Curfew
ORD 335: Owner Responsibilities - Sidewalks, Curbs, Driveways
ORD 344: Skateboards
ORD 378: Keeping and Maintaining of Animals
ORD 379: Parking Certain Vehicles November Through March
ORD 380: Fence Around Pools
          ORD 407: Seasonal Pool
          ORD 408: Defines Pool Structure as a Barrier
ORD 394: Noise
ORD 409: Recreational Vehicles
ORD 411:  Burning Restrictions
ORD 413:  Sheds
          ORD 425: Shed Side Yard Requirements
ORD 459: Property Matintenance
ORD 461: Medical Marijuana
ORD 462: Wireless Communications Standards
ORD 476: Washington Street Parking
ORD 478: Soliciting License
ORD 480: Prohibition of Grass, Leaves and Other Yard Waste in Streets
ORD 481: Parking Restrictions
ORD 485: Leesport Presettlement Inspections Ordinance
 ORD 485: Application for Use and Occupancy Permit Per Ord 485 (rev 10/31/2023)
ORD 486: Stormwater Management Ordinance 
ORD 487:  Fixing Tax Rate for 2024
ORD 488:  Fire Company Recovery Costs of Materials
Resolution 262:    Water Late Notice Charges
Resolution 263:    
Fee Schedule for Zoning/Building Permits
Resolution 264-1
Intergovernmental Agreement Uniform Construction Code
Resolution 264-2
Intergovernmental Agreement Uniform Construction Code
Resolution 252
:   Property Tax Penalty Waiver Provisions
Resolution 253:   Amending Fees Charged for Rental Operating License
Resolution 255:   Emergency Operations Plan Mandate
Resolution 256:    Joint Comprehensive Plan - Leesport/Ontelaunee
Resolution 258:   Tompkins Financial Bank Loan
Resolution 259:    Online Tax Collection Services
Resolution 260:    Water Rates Charge